Pro Football Season 2017 – Are You Ready?

It only seems like a month ago, I was at a bar with a few friends watching the Atlanta Falcons completely dominate the New England Patriots.

And then the comeback happened.

During the middle of the comeback, I turned to one of my friends and said, “So this is really happening?” He had a look on his face that seemed to confirm my suspicions. You could just tell that everything was going their way. The play calling from the Falcons also did not help their cause.

I know you had a high powered offense, but, can you just run the ball for a few plays? The clock was your friend.

But I digress.

The 2017 football season is upon us, and there are a few questions that I would like to see answered.

  • Will a 40 year old Tom Brady crash and burn this season?
  • Will the Falcons march their way back to the Super Bowl?
  • Is Christian Mccaffrey be a difference maker for the Carolina Panthers?
  • Will the Oakland Raiders stake the next step and march to the big game?

These are all questions that I am sure you are interested in. Like I said, I want to know these answers, but I am more interested in this question:

What will your football parties look like?

Hey – Sunday’s during football season are like mini events. From 10am(pacific time) all the way until 8:30 pm is a marathon of friends, food and fun.

If you have get togethers to watch your favorite team, what does your food spread look like?

football foodDo you prefer hot dogs or burgers? My favorite may be wings. What do the side dishes look like? Potato salad and tapenade are my favorites.

What about the drinks? Are you a beer or wine person? Do you also have soda available, or is your trusty water cooler ready to go?

So many decisions to make. Hey – it is that time of year, so if you are throwing those parties, be sure to come correct.




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