Mediakool.Com Markets Entertainment Service Businesses

Black owned Multi Media Firm Introduces Inter Marketing Services To Underrepresented Entertainment Services Companies

The company is helping Photographers and DJ’s to gain more traffic to their websites.


(Las Vegas, NV)– MediaKool.Com, a premier Internet Marketing Company, has announced the introduction of their marketing services. The company’s experienced consultants are not putting their focus on the issues that plague these entertainment service providers. Internet visibility, Google rankings and website design.

Keith Richard, an African American Entrepreneur that founded MediaKool.Com stated, “There are several Internet marketing agencies available, but many of them work with several different types of clients. Because the consultants at MediaKool.Com have worked in the entertainment services industries for over 20 years, we only wanted to concentrate in the entertainment service industries.”

“This is where our company can help. We are uniquely positioned to capitalize on our knowledge to connect these service providers with new clients.”

MediaKool.Com have launched their new website. At MediaKool.Com you can find information that explains actions one could take if they are interested in gaining more traffic to their company website.

The information provided on the website offers Internet marketing for photographers and DJ advertising. The web services include on-page and off-page optimization, blog setup, pay-per-click, and website design & speed.

Keith also said, “These service providers are spending their time doing what they do best…running their business. We align our services with the Photographers, DJ companies and other entertainment service providers as an aid to their overall marketing plan.”

About MediaKool.Com

The consultants at MediaKool.Com are seasoned professionals who have worked in the entertainment services fields in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. MediaKool.Com was formed when the founder, Keith Richard, discovered that many entertainment services providers were underutilizing the abundance of web traffic that is available. Whether you are a Photographer, a DJ, an Event Planner, or any other type of entertainment service provider, MediaKool.Com will lean on there years of experience to assist in the marketing efforts of your business.




Media Contact:

Keith Richard
Las Vegas, NV
Telephone: 702.907.3387
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.MediaKool.Com





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